Lahaina Hula Shows Every Week


Lahaina Hula Shows happen on Wednesdays and Sundays at the Lahaina Cannery Mall. They are free to the public.

The hula kahiko, or ancient form of the dance, was and still is performed in traditional costume, accompanied by chanting and traditional percussion instruments. The Lahaina hula shows are hula ‘auana, a more modern version of the dance, often accompanied by modern instruments such as the ukelele and guitar. The costumes also are more modern.

“Every movement, expression and gesture in the hula has a specific meaning, from representing plants, animals, and the elements to listening, searching, sailing and so much more,” says dancer Tracey Lakainapali. “The hand movements are of particular significance, with a good hula dancer watching their hands at all times and not the audience. There is a saying for dancers: Kuhi no ka lima, hele no ka maka – Where the hands move, there let the eyes follow.

“See what stories you can discover through this traditional form of dance; sit back, relax, and enjoy the island spirit.