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Maui's only fully enclosed, air-conditioned shopping center.

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Built in 1987, the mall boasts a variety of boutique retail stores combined with casual restaurants and an exceptional international food court. Hula dancing, Hawaiian artists, cultural events and festivals are enjoyed year round by visitors and residents. A 24-hour Safeway and Longs Drug Store compliment and add to the services and retail offered.

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Maui shopping centers

Grocery Shopping in Lahaina, plus much more

The only Lahaina shopping center to encompass fashion, grocery, dining, and specialty products in one stop is the Lahaina Cannery Mall....

Maui shopping centers

A Maui Hula Show… For Free? Put it on your itinerary!

Free hula shows on Maui are an important part of an island vacation itinerary.   Hula is said to be the...

Maui shopping centers

Returning to our roots with free Lahaina Hula Shows

Although hula shows are rooted in Hawaii culture, this ancient tradition was almost lost when performing hula was banned by...

Maui shopping centers

Buy local when shopping in Lahaina

When it comes to Maui shopping, Lahaina makes many people’s lists. A hidden gem in Lahaina is the Lahaina Cannery...

Maui shopping centers

Maui Shopping … leads to adventure!

Add this to your list of Maui shopping destinations: Boss Frog’s Snorkel, Bike and Beach Rentals at the Lahaina Cannery...

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Lahaina Hula Shows Every Week

Lahaina Hula Shows happen on Wednesdays and Sundays at the Lahaina Cannery Mall. They are free to the public. The hula...

Maui shopping centers

Look no further, your free hula show on Maui is here!

It’s not often you will find free hula shows on Maui. Maui hālau (schools) don’t offer performances often, and when they...

Maui shopping centers

A Lahaina shopping center with it all

The Lahaina Cannery Mall is the first stop for many tourists year after year. Many travel from the airport to...

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