Welcome to the Lahaina Cannery Mall, Maui's only fully enclosed, air-conditioned shopping destination.


The Lahaina Cannery Mall is undergoing a renovation that will feature a refreshed exterior and an expanded Safeway. The mall and its stores will remain open throughout the process so customers can continue to shop and dine without disruption. The initial demolition stage of the project is underway and is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2018.

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Maui shopping centers


9:30am – 9pm (7pm Sunday) 


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Built in 1987, the mall boasts a variety of boutique retail stores combined with casual restaurants and an exceptional international food court. Hula dancing, Hawaiian artists, cultural events and festivals are enjoyed year round by visitors and residents. A 24-hour Safeway and Longs Drug Store compliment and add to the services and retail offered.

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Maui shopping centers

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Maui shopping centers

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